People Make Websites, We Make SEO Friendly Websites. Let's Break The Loop!

App Development

Web is evolving and portable devices are the fastest growing market of the last decade.


Why to do repetative task? Let us build a software just for your business needs & just focus on your cores. We will take care of the rest.


Google has more than 200 Factors to rank your website on TOP! We read them daily & implement it as it's available you just have to hire us!

People Design Websites & Apps While
We Design Experience!

We are not an average Team! We Break the Loop & make things fully optimized

Frequently Ask Questions

  • 1

    Do You Really Have A Proper Website ?

    A Proper Website has a lot of factors.Check it here before selecting a Web Developer.Your Website is your online identity. Before making a website you should have answer to some of major questions. These Questions are important for you to ask it yourself and your developer before starting the development process. You can't and shouldn't risk your online identity. Here's how -

  • 2

    Is a Google Friendly Website(SEO) Compulsory.

    Having a Website with no SEO is as equal to having a shop and no one knowning about. It's not compulsory for major stream developers but we have work ethics that never allows us to write one line code without keeping SEO in mind. Know what and how SEO Friendly Website affects your online identity and lead generation.

  • 3

    Is E-Commerce website worth enough for my business development?

    This world has gone ITficial now. People Majorly depend on IT to order fresh vegetables or clothes or accessories and even a house maid now. But why they are successful and what do you need to break the loop? Know here.


In this Artificial ITficial world you need to have a perfect Online identity to expand your horizons & meet your goals. Having a good google friendly website and organised system managed by smart apps & softwares makes it easy for you to match the speed of your desire. You can get it at ITficial where we are a team of passionate developers who work with ethics & responsibility towards work & society

Website we make are completely Google Friendly where as apps we make are designed keeping User Experience in Mind. Let's Break The Loop and do something large together. Ping us now



ITficial is #BreakingTheLoop by providing an SEO Friendly Website.Softwares we make are completely customized and apps we built are easy light & user experience oriented.Chooses Better! Choose Us.

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5 O's of ITficial's Success

We like to stay organized and we are just like Monika Gellar of Friends, Everything should be at its place and on time. Even if we miss anytime we try it to be the last time. This Being Organized Help us Deliver the Best & never miss anything.

We are a complete 100 % Google Friendly Company. Whatever we make is all optimized & you can just earn a lot of leads just by our basic optimization. We have this in our ethics book. We won't compromise with this even if you don't ask for it.

Whatever it is.If it's logical, Team ITficial can make it! We have removed the word "NOT POSSIBLE" from our Thesaurus and we just don't want to be the one sitting at window and watching world doing it. If it's logical, we code it down!

Our Brainstorming sessions is one of the example of Out of Box Thinking. For us all projects we do are not of clients but our. We Do a lot of R&D before start working for any client and try to do something that makes us look different and better.

We don't believe in Design Develop Deliver! We are open minded and open to all the questions a client has! We never ask them to stop asking us questions! Our Ears & Brains are always open for our client's questions.

Pricing & More details

  • Classic
  • Static Informative Website
  • Pages 10-15
  • Hosting Included
  • 4 Company Emails
  • Premium
  • Complete Dynamic Website
  • As Required Static Pages
  • 10 Company Emails
  • Full Settings Enabled in Admin Panel
  • No Limit
  • E-Commerce Enabled Website
  • As Required Static Pages
  • As Required Company Emails
  • Full Settings Enabled in Admin Panel

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